A Narnia Gift Guide: Ten Presents for the Narnia fan in your life

Shopping for the Narnia fan in your life? Browse our Narnia Gift Guide!

1. Tea kettle
A day in Narnia isn’t complete without afternoon tea, even if it means getting sold out to an evil witch.

2. Turkish delight
You'll need something to serve with your tea so why not go for a tin of ever-so-tempting Turkish Delight. Although, you might not want to invite Edmund.

3. Red scarf
All the chic fauns are wearing them this season.

4. A fur coat
Just in case of wardrobe weather!

5. Compass
For all of those adventures.

6. Silver polish
Gotta keep that armor looking sharp while defending Aslan

7. Narnia Time watch
To keep track while you're stuck on Earth. (Wouldn't it be awesome if this was a real thing?)

8. Archery lessons
If you're going to be as good as Susan, you'll need to practice!

9. Catnip
Even big cats love it.

10. Any one of these books
Because, obviously.