DIY Narnia Costumes: Jadis

Narnia Costumes: Jadis

What you'll need:


Ice Crown:

  • Jewelry wire
  • Hot glue gun, several sticks of glue
  • Silver glitter paint and/or glitter
  • Hair pins
  • Plate or wax paper
  • Wire cutter



  • White cloak/shawl
  • Long plastic scepter (you can paint this silver and use the glitter if desired)
  • Optional: long white dress, long white/blonde wig


1. Bend the wire around your head to measure the correct amount of wire needed. Bend the ends of the wire to create a small loop on each end.

2. Attach another piece of wire to one end and bend it along the length of the wire, loosely twisting it around the other end. Make sure to leave a few holes to fit your icicles and hairpins. Repeat 3-5 times so that you have several pieces of wire twisted around. You want the crown to feel sturdy, but not too heavy.

3. To make the icicles you will need your hot glue gun and the plate or wax paper. Simply squirt the glue onto the wax paper in the shape of icicles in your desired height and thicknesses. Vary the shapes and sizes. Make enough to fit around the length of your crown, while leaving 1-2 inches on each end for hairpins. Allow the glue to cool for a few seconds and then carefully peel the glue icicles off of the plate.
*For children 13 years old and under, ask an adult for permission before using a hot glue gun.

4. Measure the elastic around your head so that it is taught. Cut at the appropriate length. Staple the elastic to the back of the mask underneath the ears.

5. Using the hot glue gun, attach the long red feather to the side of the headband. You may want to wrap some elastic around the base of the feather for added support. Allow to dry.

6. Put on the gray clothing and belt. Secure the sword in the belt. Put on the headband and mask, and now you are Jadis.