Top 10 Signs You Should Live in Narnia

You’ve been climbing into wardrobes again haven’t you? Here are the Top 10 Signs You Should Live in Narnia.

1. Your wardrobe consists only of large fur coats. Oh and a lamppost, just in case.

2. You’d rather hang out with a Faun, Marsh Wiggle, Dwarf, or talking tree than a boring old human any day.

3. Prince Caspian, Prince Rilian, and Prince Cor, mean way more to you than Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince George.

4. When you run into a lion, you cheer instead of run.

5. You have multiple paintings of ships in your bedroom just hoping one will start flooding and pull you in.

6. You secretly hope that every year, “back to school” actually means, “back to Narnia”.

7. The phrase, “Don’t take candy from strangers,” has a whole different meaning to you.

8. A mouse is not a rodent, but a brave and loyal friend.

9. You and your siblings address each other as “king” and “queen”.

10. When someone tells you they’ve discovered a magical land, you immediately make them your best friend. (You never know!)